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DiscoveryPak customized collection kitsHuman Biosample Program Management, Cold Storage, Inventory, Packaging, Distribution and Logistics.

Successful Biomarker clinical research studies require comprehensive, coordinated management of PI's and Clinical Sites in order to maintain protocol compliance and ensure specimen integrity during collection, cold storage and transport. With DiscoveryTrak, our experienced team of clinical trial managers can customize solutions for your time sensitive, data critical Biomarker clinical research study particularly when it comes to infectious disease substances category 6.2 programs that require specialized collection, handling, transport, distribution and cold storage considerations. In our experience we recognize that each clinical research study is different in that they require experienced insight to anticipate workflow at clinical sites and ensure that each clinical research specimen or patient sample is collected properly and packaged for delivery.

Comprehensive BioSample Management for Clinical Research Programs.   

• Coordinated human biosample specimen receiving, accessioning, labelling, vialing, inventory control, cold storage, distribution and logistics harmonized with our CRO Services, Discovery Partners™ and our Magellan Biorepository platforms.

Customized Patient Biosample Kit Design and Development.  

• Reflecting Patient recruitment workflow and operational conditions at clinical sites.

Patient Biosample Kit Assembly and Site Distribution.  

• For studies requiring thousands of patients to just a few hundred, we'll manage the logistics, delivery and inventory levels at sites to ensure sufficient quantities of materials are on hand to meet recruiting demand.

Infectious Substance Class 6.2 Patient Biosample Packaging & Shipping Logistics.  

• The demands of IATA, DOT, UNSCOE and ICAO shipping compliance requires experience, training and operational excellence. We specialize in international infectious substances class 6.2 importing.

DiscoveryTrak customized collection kits may include, but are not limited to:

  • BD Vacutainer™ tubes for the collection of whole blood, serum, plasma, lymphocytes, mononuclear cells and other whole blood components.
  • Qiagen Paxgene™ tubes for single step preparation of whole blood DNA
  • Life Technologies Tempus™ for the single step preparation of whole blood RNA
  • BD Vacutainer PPT™ plasma preparation tubes for molecular diagnostic applications.
  • BD CPT™ tubes for the collection and preparation of mononuclear cells.
  • RNAlater™ for preserving RNA in fresh tissue.
  • Customized outer packaging and labeling.
  • Patient CRF's
  • Cryogenic storage vials
  • Patient (barcode) ID labels
  • Refrigerant packs and temperature monitors
  • Storage boxes
  • IATA, UN and DOT compliant shipping labels and packaging materials
  • Blood collection kits Transfer pipettes
  • Alcohol swabs