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Customized New Product

Launch "Kits" and Reference Panels.

Customized New Product Launch "Kits" and Reference Panels.

ValidateNow™ - Designed for IVD Companies who want to help their Clients quickly "onboard" and validate new Diagnostic Tests and Instrument Systems.

Don't let your laboratory marketplace be slow to onboard the new diagnostic test or instrument system you've spent years developing because of the delays associated with product evaluation and validation.

Let us help you customize an OEM Sample "Kit" or Reference "Panel" that will help get your clients off the ground and testing faster so that you can start delivering kits, reagents and disposables ahead of the competition.

Work With Our Client Services Team To Design:

  1. Sample "Kits" for your clients consisting of carefully assembled collections of clinically characterized clinical samples or diagnostic reference specimens.
  2. Reference "Panels" which can contain analytically predetermined specimens across the dynamic or functional range of the assay.
  3. Proficiency "Panels" so Labs can get their personnel trained and up to speed quickly on new procedures, techniques and test methods.

From as few as ten "kits" to several thousand—we can distribute these products directly to your clients on demand—or have your clients order them Online from our Magellan Clinical Products Platform.

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