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Thinking about sourcing the critical Research Samples you need to validate the overall clinical and analytical
performance of your new diagnostic test or molecular detection technology?

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In today’s rapidly evolving Human Biospecimen marketplace selecting the right Biomarker CRO who can deliver the qualified clinical research samples, diagnostic specimens and human biofluids you need to fulfill the time sensitive demands of your assay development program can be a real challenge.


Our Research Sample bioBank

Our Research Sample bioBank provides Life Scientists with direct, online access to over 250,000 immediately available HHS/OHRP and HIPAA compliant Clinical Research Samples, Diagnostic Specimens and Human Biofluids that you can view, select, order online and have delivered with 24 hours.


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Our Discovery Partners™ platform can select experienced Principal Investigators to fulfill your prospective Clinical Research sample collection protocol objectives from over 150 Hospitals, Medical Centers, Blood Centers and Physicians in the community providing access to potentially hundreds of thousands of Patients.



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Participate in Important Community Based Clinical Research. Physicians can join our Network of Principal Investigators and Clinical Laboratories and participate in our Remnant Specimen Purchase Program.


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New Immunosuppressive Drug Samples.
Sirolimus, Tacrolimus (FK506), Cyclosporine,
Everolimus and Methotrexate.

Discovery Life Sciences Research Sample ListChallenging the performance of your new test or detection technology with potentially interfering substance sample sets?  Immunosuppressive drugs have proven capable of assay interference across a range of technologies even in highly selective technologies.

View our Sirolimus, Tacrolimus, Cyclosporine, Everolimus, and Methotrexate Clinical Research Samples.

Oct 03-Oct 07, 2018 | San Francisco, CA
Nov 01-Nov 03, 2018 | San Antonio, TX
Nov 12-Nov 15, 2018 | Dusseldorf, Germany