Discovery Life Sciences Announces Expansion of Clinical Research Network

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Discovery Life Sciences

Discovery Life Sciences announces major expansion of its Clinical Research Network to support Novel Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV, and Women’s Health Test Development with Complex Human Biospecimens.

New Investments in Partnerships will significantly increase the range of complex, ethically obtained clinical samples, diagnostics specimens and Biofluids available to companies developing next-generation diagnostic tests, detection technologies and instrument systems.

(Los Osos, CA) Aug, 22nd, 2017. Discovery Life Sciences - a Life Sciences Industry leader in providing ethically obtained complex clinical research sample sets, diagnostic specimens and Human Biofluids announced today a significant expansion of its Discovery Partners™ Clinical Research network that identifies Patients for high value, next-generation Medical Device clinical trials and that can contribute proprietary products directly to its Magellan platform – an online, open access Biorepository.

“We had two clear business goals for the first and second quarters of 2017” said Steven Raia, a Founder of Discovery Life Sciences and its Chief Business Officer. “The first, contributing operational resources and directing our investments towards expanding our Discovery Partners™ clinical site capabilities in areas critical to our future growth – Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV and Women’s Health - and the second, incorporating functional improvements into our Magellan platform that make it significantly easier for our IVD and Life Sciences Industry clients to go online, purchase the research samples they want and have them delivered overnight. For our clients, the Magellan platform is unique in that it allows their R&D programs to see a very large number of available diagnostic specimens and human biofluids online together with their associated data and have them delivered the next day – our clients don’t have to wait for other providers’ fulfillment schedules.”

Steve Dover, COO for DLS added, “I think we’ve done an excellent job so far this year of accomplishing both objectives by adding over a dozen clinical sites with Principal Investigators and thousands of unique Patients with specific disease profiles that can contribute the larger volume sample sets often required by our clients pursuing next-generation tests in the IVD Industry. These new Clinical sites also allow us to continue to improve and contribute to our Biorepository in a way that allows Research Scientists to shop for the more complex sample sets they want online.”

“In addition,” Mr. Dover said, “these new and expanded research partnerships, together with improvements to our shipping logistics, have allowed Discovery Life Sciences to move time sensitive Human Biospecimens globally - particularly in and out of complex geographies. As always, obtaining the proper informed consent, protecting patient confidentiality and ensuring cold chain sample integrity of these materials, regardless of their origin is critical for all our clients research programs.”


About Discovery Life Sciences, Inc. ( Established in 2004, DLS, Inc. is a privately held, leading marketplace innovator and global provider of clinical research products and services supporting precision medicine and novel approaches to advancing new biomarker tests, detection technologies and instrument systems in clinical development.

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