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HBsAg Clinical Research Samples

Discovery Life Sciences provides the highest quality HBsAg Clinical Research Samples and Residual Diagnostic Specimens from the Life Science Industry’s only convenient online, open access Biobank. 

  • All HBsAg Sample Orders are Packaged for Delivery within 24 Hours. 
  • All Specimens Ethically Obtained, De-Identified and provided with Highly Annotated Demographic and Clinical Data.
  • Select from an HHS/OHRP Compliant Biorepository following ISBER/BBRB Guidelines.
  • Packaged in Compliance with all UN Regulations (6.2) and U.S. DOT Hazmat regulations. 
Product IDSampleOriginMatrixVial (ml)Vial (ml)QuantityPriceAgeGenderEthnicityStorage TempSample DateTest 1Test Data 1Test Data 1Product DetailsPriceAdditional Information 1Additional Data 1Additional Detail 1Additional Information 2Additional Data 2Additional Information 3Additional Data 3Additional Detail 3Additional Information 4Additional Data 4Additional Information 5Additional Data 5Additional Information 6Additional Data 6Additional Information 7Additional Data 7
D10-253HBsAgUSACP2D22.001.00$75.0034F< -70C30-Oct-10HbsAg S/Co435.47$75.00dHBVS/Co 25.61HBcS/Co 0.04HBsAg ConfirmatoryConf. Pos
DLS14-12561-SHBsAgUSASerum11.001.00$95.0040FBlack<-70C20-Aug-13Bio-Rad GS HBsAg EIA 3.0PositivePositive$95.00Ortho HCV 3.0 ELISANegativeMONOLISA Anti-HBc IgM EIAPositiveSigns & SymptomsJaundice; Weight loss; Fatigue; Nausea; Vomiting; Abdominal pains; Muscle or joint aches (Myalgia); Fever / chills; Dark color urine / light color feces; Elevated LFTsRisk CategoriesSexual contacts of HBV or HCV infected person; Multiple sex partners; Sex worker; Body punctures (Tattooing, piercing); Institutionalized population (Prisoner)
DLS16-73399HBsAgUSASerum1.51.501.00$45.0041FU/A<-70C30-Dec-16Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS16-72941HBsAgUSASerum1.51.501.00$45.0036MU/A<-70C31-Dec-16Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS16-73820HBsAgUSASerum1.51.501.00$45.0050FU/A<-70C03-Jan-17Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS16-73357HBsAgUSASerum1.51.501.00$45.0068FU/A<-70C03-Jan-17Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS16-73589HBsAgUSASerum1.51.501.00$45.0032FU/A<-70C03-Jan-17Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS16-73044HBsAgUSASerum1.51.501.00$45.0041MU/A<-70C03-Jan-17Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS16-73402HBsAgUSASerum11.001.00$45.0060MU/A<-70C03-Jan-17Roche cobasReactiveReactive$45.00
DLS17-036592HBsAgFranceCPD11.008.00$45.0019MU/A<-70C06-Nov-14Titer933,632,800IU/mL933,632,800 IU/mL$45.00Genotype DSerotypeayw2Prism610.000 | 548.000 | 560.000HBc PositiveArchitect1,383.000Ultrio DGVPositive (15.890)Malaria Positive1/20
KH12-2195HBsAgUSASerum0.50.501.00$45.0044MWhite<-70C07-May-12Abbott Commander139.26mU/mL139.26 mU/mL$45.00
DLS17-038200HBsAgFranceCitrated Plasma11.0010.00$40.00U/AU/AU/A<-70C23-Jun-11Roche cobas2,819,362IU/mL2,819,362 IU/mL$40.00HBsAg Titer3,000 ng/mLPrism426.370 | 448.960 | 454.960Elisa50.847ConfirmationPosDGVPosAdditional ResultsHBc Positive, HBe Positive
DLS17-038204HBsAgFranceCitrated Plasma11.0010.00$40.00U/AU/AU/A<-70C30-Sep-11Roche cobas4,536,842IU/mL4,536,842 IU/mL$40.00Enzyme immunoassayayw4SerotypeHBsAg Titer12,000 ng/mLPrism458.830Elisa50.000 | 48.387Axsym130.820DGVPosAdditional ResultsHBc Positive, HBe Positive
DLS17-038217HBsAgFranceCitrated Plasma11.0011.00$40.00U/AU/AU/A<-70C02-Jul-11Roche cobas3,791,112IU/mL3,791,112 IU/mL$40.00Enzyme immunoassayadw4SerotypeHBsAg Titer470 ng/mLPrism268.890 | 251.970 | 239.700Elisa53.029DGVPosAdditional ResultsHBc Positive, HBeAg Positive

Keep in mind that all the samples comprised in the Research Sample Biobank represent only a small number of the clinical research specimens available through our Discovery Partners™ clinical research programs. If you can’t find the specific sample type, specimen or biofluids you are looking for please make sure to call our client services group at 805.528.4341 - and ask how we can help support your project from resources available at active clinical sites.

Please read carefully before purchasing:

Clinical specimens for research use only.

Transmissible Infectious Risk! May be HIV, HBV and HCV REACTIVE or of unknown infectious agent test status. Materials provided are derived from human blood, tissue and other bio-fluids. Handle all samples as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Practice good laboratory technique and dispose of in properly marked medical waste.

If you need help searching for a LARGER SAMPLE SET with specific data elements, please contact our Client Services group who can format Excel spreasheets for a comprehensive review of all available samples: USA (805) 528-4341

These products are supplied without warranty for suitability for specific applications or analytical determinations.